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If you think having oily skin is a mess

If you think having oily skin is a mess
Everyone is very particular about the products they use on their skin and the way they look, because having a good skin gives you an extra confidence of moving in people feeling good about yourself. Well working women and university going students they all mostly have this complain that whenever they go to their work place after few hours their skin gets oily and shines weirdly which make them look tired and gross. That is because you get oil on your skin which makes your skin to shine and then if you have make up on your face it just starts coming off.

A very important tip for you is especially for summers, when you go out in summers to a gathering or to work just avoid putting on too much foundation especially in day time just don’t put any foundation on your face at it melts down very soon and make you look very bad. People who have excess oil on their skin you should wash your face whenever you notice that your skin is shining due to oil.

Keep lose powder and napkin in your purse so that you can wipe of the oil on your face. Mix turmeric power in 5 to 6 table spoons of milk and make a smooth paste, apply it on your face at least twice in a day and then wash your face with fresh water  this will really help you to reduce the oil on your skin.

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