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If you love wavy hair

Tips for Wavy Hair
Everyone loves their hair, as its one of the most precious gift from God to humans. Those of you who have very straight hair and you actually want to bring a change in your style by getting naturally wavy hair without damaging them by using the iron rods and curlers there is a way out.

You don’t have to see your hair damaged in order to get wavy hair which usually involves heat process in order change the texture of your hair, there are other ways also that can help you get the best result that you are looking for. First step is to wash your hair, brush your hair once to get rid of the excess water in hair let them be damp, take one table spoon of leave in conditioner and one table spoon of mouse mix them together and apply evenly in your hair. You brush your hair once to make sure that its spread evenly. Try to make thick braids of your hair if you want loose wavy hair which is in fashion as well otherwise braid size would depend on the type of curls you are looking for.

Now leave your hair to dry for the night and sleep, when you wake up next morning open the braids and you would get natural wavy hair that you wanted you can set the hair according to you wish or make some hairstyle if you want to.

This is one of the best ways to make you hair wavy without using any heating process. Try it you will love it.

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