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If you love straight hair

Tips for Straight Hair
Everyone love their hair, it’s a fact people with straight hair always wish for wavy and curly hair and people with curly hair wish for straight and silky hair. Well don’t worry you can now easily make your hair straight without going through the heating process and chemicals that can damage your hair and cause hair fall.

Going through a rebounding process or relaxing process for hair straighten would not be long term it’s just for few months but on the other hand it will make your hair weak from the roots and will also make them look dead.

There are some easy methods which you can follow and naturally make your hair straight and still have shine and volume in your hair. Coconut milk is one of the best natural thing to make your hair straight, take some coconut milk add few drops of lemon juice and cool that mixture for some time in a fridge and then apply that mixture in your scalp evenly for 4 weeks and then you can shampoo your hair after you apply it every day, brush your hair and see the results. You will love it; you will not only have straight hair but also shiny hair.

You can also try this other very effective method, take 2 glasses of milk and mix 2 egg white in it dip your hair in that mixture for 20 minutes and then cover your head with some cloth so that the mixture can be thoroughly absorbed in your hair roots, after that you can wash your hair and you will see how it help to make your hair straight and shiny.

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