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If you feel lice is like a knife in your hair

If you feel lice is like a knife in your hair
We all love our hair in fact it is one of the most beautiful feature that anyone could have which can give you a look that you want then you can simply change your hair style whenever you want according to your mood and the look you want, so people do that all the time either they keep their hair straight sometimes curly or just leave them open well it is totally your choice, but what happens when you have so much itching in your hair that you feel embarrassed scratching your head in people and at the same time you cannot bear how much the itching is.

Well itching happens when you have lice in your hair; lice can be very easy to treat if you treat it sooner but can be a big problem if you prolong the problem. As if you let lice stay in your hair for a long time they actually lay eggs and then very soon it spreads.  Lice can be passed from one person to another person very easily, like sometimes just by sleeping together or by using each other’s brush and even by sleeping on the pillow of the same person who has lice.

Take black seeds mash them and mix them with apple cider and apply it in the roots of your hair and wrap your head with a cloth or towel so that lice cannot spread, keep it for an hour and you will see that you will not have any itching or lice in your hair anymore.

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