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If you don’t want your body to stink

If you don’t want your body to stink
Body odor matters a lot especially when you are socializing with people and you have to go to work or to attend a school. As your friends are always with you and your co workers have a lot of things to sit and discuss with you and at that time if you have a bad stink coming from your body it is very annoying and it can actually push away people from you. It is very important to get rid of the bad stink coming from your body in order to run your work smoothly and to have good relations.

Reason for this problem includes hidden bacteria on your skin, strong aromatic foods items like garlic that you eat, and even due to teenage years when you have puberty. There are several tips to cure this problem which can help you get rid of the smelly body odor forever

A very important thing to remember which is highly recommended, take shower once or twice a day and use a good quality soap, don’t wear tight clothes in which your body could not breath, use antiperspirant sprays before you go to bed, shave your underarms and keep them clean, don’t eat foods that have strong smell or flavor, add salt in water and use while taking shower, and always try to use a good powder before you go to play with your friends or otherwise also so that you do not have to feel embarrassed while you are in a gathering
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