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If you don’t like straight hair follow these tips

If you don’t like straight hair follow these tips
Everyone has different perception of looking good and everyone likes to see themselves the way they want to so they dress up the way they like and make hair styles the way they like it might be weird for some people according to their likes and dislikes but you should be very satisfied with whatever you do. Everyone cannot have the same choice and same likes and dislikes some people might like straight hair some might want to have wavy hair well that is all up to you.

If you like wavy hair, here are very simple tricks for you to do without wasting your money and time. wash your hair, brush your hair one time to get relieve of the excess water and then let your hair be soggy, get one table spoon of leave in conditioner and 2 table spoon of mouse blend them as one and apply equally in your hair. Brush your hair one time to clear your mind that its spread uniformly. Make an effort to make solid braids of your hair if you wish for wobbly wavy hair which is in trend as well or else braid size would depend on the kind of curls you want.

After making brads you can go to sleep so that your hairs are dried up in those braids and then when you wake up you can open your braids and see the beautiful wavy hair. This method would not affect your hair badly as compared to the heating procedures that people use to make different hairstyles which burn their hair.

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