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Ice Facial

For the ice facial, all you need is bottled water, some green tea, ice cube maker, tooth picks, soft gel Vit E.

First, you need to heat a glass of water. The water should be nice and warm. Not too hot and not too cold, warm enough like soup.  Take your green tea, and put it in the glass of water and dunk it in. You need to let it soak for 1 minute. You’re going to need a really good brand of green tea and it should be infused with anti-oxidants, which is obviously good for the skin because it helps fight free radicals. Now your tea should be about ready. Dip the liquid soft gel Vit-E, you are going to need around 5 of them. Take the tooth picks, crack one of the soft gels open and squeeze the Vit-E into the green tea. Now just stir it up real well. Now pour it inside the ice cube maker. When it is fulled, put it in the freezer. Don’t let it freeze completely solid in the freezer. You need to let it freeze just a bit so you can still put tooth picks in it.

Now that its slightly frozen but not frozen all the way, insert tooth picks in your ice and put it back in your freezer and wait for it to get solid. When your popsicles are ready, leave it out to thaw for few minutes and it should slight out easily.

So, its really simple, at night or in the morning, rub it over your skin. Usually in the morning or whenever you wake up from your sleep horizontally, your interstitial fluid or body fluid gets redistributed, this is why your face tends to swell in the morning. Using ice facial not only reduce facial swelling but it also helps constrict the large pores, especially after hot shower. This green tea ice popsicles are going to reduce redness and its really good for the skin.

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