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How to’s for perfume

How to smell good! Besides the obvious, taking a shower and all that, wearing fragrances can help enhance your scent. In this article you’ll get to know the tips and points  on the do’s and dont’s on fragrances.

So the first thing, when you’re shopping for a new fragrance, its better not to smell the perfume all at once because this way you’re going to overwhelm your nose. Some stores offer coffee beans for you to smell between each perfume. Coffee beans help clear the scent palette. When you’re trying on a new fragrance in a store, give it a few hours to develop. You can walk around and window shop if you’re at the mall. So, there are different levels to fragrances.

Perfume is the most concentrated ofcourse. Eau De Parfum is lighter and cologne is the lightest. We also have essential oils which are natural. All fragrances consist of top notes which are the lightest, middle notes and base notes which are the heaviest. This way fragrances change throughout the day. ‘Tresor In Love’ (lancome’s perfume) for example has the notes of  roses, pears, pink peppercorns, jasmine and musk. Lots of notes go into making a beautiful fragrance. A fragrance is like a painting or a music in that sense. A perfumer place different notes in the same way as a painter paints with different paints and a musician plays with different instruments.

Next step is once you purchase your perfume, keep it away from heat or direct sunlight because it can damage your fragrance. If its extremely hot inside and outside, store your perfume in the fridge. The best part is when its really hot and your fragrance is in the fridge, you take it out and spray it on your body, you can actually feel a nice cool mist of fragrance. Try not to spray perfumes on your clothes because it can stain the fabric. Instead, spray it on your skin or hair. Also try not to over-use your fragrance. People be able to smell your fragrance when they’re close to you, if they smell you mile away, you’ve used way too much. This goes for both guys and girls. Apply your perfume on your pulse points,  behind your ears, on the sides of your throat, your wrists  and even behind your knees. If you’re wearing jewelry, try to apply perfume before you put on your jewelry because it can damage them.

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