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How to reduce Bloating


BLOTING! It happens to everyone. What exactly is bloating?  Bloating is any abnormal general swelling in the abdominal area. But you can reduce swelling. First we should know what causes bloating?

  1. OVEREATING! Eating on a smaller plate can trick your mind into thinking that you’re still eating a plate full of food.
  2. EATING TOO FAST! Try not to eat too fast. It takes 20 minutes for the special signal to reach the brain telling you to decrease appetite. So, if you eat fast your brain might still think you are hungry. Instead try and chew slower.
  3. BAD DIET! We all know that having a bad diet wont help. Here are few things that causes bloating. The air bubbles in carbonated drinks lead to bloating. Instead of soda, try green tea. Green tea is a powerful diuretic, it helps relieve bloating from excess fluid retention. Any potato chips or anything fried, try not to eat too much of this stuff. Instead, snack on something healthier. Avoid overeating refined carbs. Instead try brown rice. If you need to have your canned food, try low sodium instead. Dont eat too much sodium. If you love your dairy, try probiotic yogurt instead. This will increase the numbers of good bacteria.
  4. GOOD DIET! Having a good diet will reduce bloating. Make sure to drink plenty of water. Also try lemon water, the juice of the lemon helps  improve digestion. So, you wont need any refined sugar, try agave nectar which has a natural sweet taste. Asparagus has diuretic properties that can help flush fluids. Peppermint tea helps relax your muscles, relaxing the digestive tract.  If you are not a fan of eating salads, try to have healthy green juices instead. Your skin will thank you!

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