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Home remedies for bruises

Home remedies for bruises

Anyone can get hurt and get a bruise it is very common especially for children to get themselves hurt while playing, cycling or falling from somewhere. Therefore is not good to ignore a bruise and leave it uncovered, bruises are an open way for bacteria to enter in your body and sometimes you don’t notice but a serious bruise if not treated properly can cause infection as well. Therefore you should be aware of the remedies that can help you to treat the bruises at home.

Bruises have blue or purple color initially and then it changes as the time pass, people who have lack of vitamin C in their body have more chances of getting bruises. Therefore if you think you have bruises to often then you should increase intake of vitamin C, through fruits like orange, it helps to make your cells stronger and also helps to heal a bruise quickly.

Ice pack can also be applied on a bruise it helps to reduce the blood leakage and also helps to get rid of the soreness as well. Don’t apply ice directly always use an ice bag or cloth for it. You can also apply an ointment on the bruise it helps to heal soon.


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