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Healthy Heart

Healthy Heart

Technology has taken place of books and thus people in general have gone away from reading habits. Only healthy habits ensure healthy heart.  Adults and kids now a day prefer spending all their leisure time either on computer or watching TV.  Be aware! People who spend more than few hours in front of a screen are more prone to higher risks of cardiac attacks than people who spend less than 2 hours in front of the screen.  Limit your screen time.

Brushing teeth twice a day is a healthy tip.  How many people do actually notice whether they have healthy gums or no?  Bacteria that cause gum disease can also get inside the body and damage blood vessels which can cause heart disease.  To give you a good reason to smile, take care of your gums and get a dentist check once in six months.

Women who suffer with migraine headaches with aura at least once a week are more likely to have strokes. These headaches are because of a defect in which a hole between the upper two chambers of the heart which usually closes at birth time remains open, which can cause blood clots.  Such women are suggested to avoid having birth control pills which increases risk of blood clot.

Deficiency of Vitamin D also doubles the risk of heart stroke.  Generally people avoid going into sunshine and feel it is not good for their health.  We get Vitamin D from sunshine.  Sun rays stimulate our body to produce Vitamin D which even helps to absorb calcium in the body.

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