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Healthy hair vitamins

Healthy hair vitamins

People are very conscious when it comes to hair; it is one of the most important features of the body in order to look good it can change your overall look and make you look beautiful if you have healthy and strong hair. There are several ways to take care of your hair the most important thing is to use suitable shampoo for your hair and do not wash them with very hot water.

Also avoid using too much hair products as the more chemicals you apply to your hair the more it makes your hair weak and then leads to hair fall. Drink plenty of water which is very important to have strong hair roots. Other natural vitamins important for your hair are, olive oil, almond oil, fish oil try to mix the olive oil and almond oil and try to massage it one a week in your hair which makes your hair strong as they are full of vitamins.

Fish oil is very effective for your hair you can take one spoon regularly it might taste a bit bad but it is very good source of vitamins for your hair. Other than the oils Shea butter is very good as well it helps to moisturize your hair and it contains a lot of vitamins that are needed by your hair. You can massage it on your hair once a week it helps to make your hair roots stronger and also help to make your hair shiny. These are some natural hair vitamins which are very important for having healthy hair.

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