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Harms of Consuming Excessive Coffee

Consuming excessive coffee is harmful for health
A lot of people are coffee lovers and other that are not into coffee mostly depend on tea, many people have been arguing about how is coffee harmful for health as it gives energy to body to wake up and be active. People consume coffee several times in a day which keeps them going and helps them not to feel sleepy due to caffeine in it but have you ever thought what will be the side affects of excessively drinking coffee, well we will discover that today.

Excessive intake of coffee can cause high cholesterol levels in your body which can lead to health problems and can also lead to heart problems. Coffees that are made with whipped creams and ice cream are actually quite high in calories and you can gain weight due to that.

High level of caffeine can cause you to serious health problems like nausea, fast heartbeat, head ache, stomach problems etc. Other than these women who are pregnant should avoid coffee as much as they can and also the higher intake of coffee would also damage your reproduction system and can lead to miscarriages.

It is also a serious addiction and once people are addicted to it, they depend heavily on coffee that would otherwise make you feel lazy. Therefore these are the harmful effects of coffee on your health please reduce the intake of coffee so that you can stay healthy and happy and can stay away from all these major internal problems.

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