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Hair Loss problems

If you Hate Hair Loss
Everyone loves their hair, and they wish to make it stronger and healthy by using different products and sticking to a healthy diet. Hair loss is a very common issue in both men and women now days, but it’s always expected after your 50’s but what if it happens before that, it’s a very serious issue.

You should always picture your hair as a plant; its growth completely depends on how well the plant has been planted and depends on its seeds and under roots. There are three different cycles in which hair grows, known as growth phase, transition phase and resting phase. In order to treat the problem you should be well aware of the cause first, as men and women can have different reasons for hair fall.

One of the common reasons for hair fall is heredity, and your natural aging process, people start to notice about the hair fall usually in their 30’s and then by the time they are in their 40’s they become bald. Other reasons for hair loss are stress, hormone imbalances, puberty, iron deficiency and pregnancy these reasons can cause hair loss at any time and age.

Alopecia is a severe hair loss problem that is mostly found in women, it makes hair fall out in patches and can lead to baldness very soon if the proper medication is not taken, this kind of disease cannot be treated at home, a dermatologist can do a proper treatment.

Fungal infection can also affect the scalp which makes the hair to fall off but if you consult the doctor soon, this problem can be treated orally. These kinds of severe problems should not be ignored at early stages; you should immediately consult a dermatologist as soon as you find out about your hair loss problem.

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