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Habits that make you look older before you actually are

What Make Your Older Before Age
Everyone wants to stay young and look beautiful and pretty, for that all you have to do is to keep yourself healthy and have a good diet, but what else is there that should be kept in mind. Well there are few habits that people are unaware of that could make them look older in their young age.

Smoking as we all know in injurious for health but most of all it can destroy your skin making it look pale and yellow and could also cause wrinkles and lines on your face, avoid smoking if you really care about yourself.

Over dieting could also make you look older and cause you wrinkles very soon, as when you instantly stop eating and lose weight the shape of your face and body changes suddenly which causes lines on your body.

Rubbing your eyes is a common thing that people do while they are sleepy or tired or confused well rubbing your eyes could actually form lines and wrinkles around your eyes and make them look older.  Stress is also a very bad thing for health taking continuously stress could cause you headaches, nausea could disturb your digestive system as well which could overall harm your health.

Eating excessive junk food is also very harmful for the body as it can make you obese and can cause you several problems, which would automatically make you look older. Try to avoid alcohol as it is causes malnutrition and makes you look old.

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