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Glutathione Side Effects



Glutathione is an antioxidant of the body. It is produced endogenously, which means that the body produces its own glutathione. Glutathione has a lot of health benefits and a lot of companies have introduced products that stimulate the body’s production of glutathione, promising better health. Because Glutathione is a natural chemical compound released by the body, side effects of increased glutathione are not exactly svere, unlike other reactions to pharmaceutical drugs.

However, anything in excess can be dangerous to the body. It is good to know what the side effects of glutathione are in your body. Does it cause allergy or serious disease?
Glutathione stimulants are taken orally as tablets or capsules. Thus it would be normal to expect that possible side effects would be related to gastrointestinal tracts. Disturbances in the digestive system are common effects of Glutathione intake. Nausea, vomiting or diarrheas are some of these digestive effects, diarrhea is of utmost concern because it can lead to dehydration. It would be best to stop intake of Glutathione if you are experiencing this.
Further, glutathione would be taken in caution if you will be doing regular activities that will make you sweat a lot. These include sports or going to the gym. Having diarrheal episodes along with these activities can aggravate and possibly complicate the dehydration.
Taking in glutathione precursors can also have its side effects. These include not only gastrointestinal problems or upset stomach, but also other systemic problems like rashes from an allergic reaction or hypertension. This is because the body may react differently to the compounds found in the supplements. Every person may react to the supplement in the different degrees. One person may not have as much side effects as others.

Before taking in any Glutathione supplements or products, make sure that you know the product that you are going to take. Choose wisely from the many products available in the market and consult a physician if you can, especially if you decided to take glutathione supplementation by yourself, either out of curiosity or from the suggestion of friends

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