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Glowing Green Smoothie for Glowing Clear Skin and Shiny Hair!



The reason why glowing green smoothie is beneficial for you is because it is nutritious and has all the greens, and it has fruits and vegetables. It also releases the toxins from your body because of the fibre it has. It will end up making your skin glow from within, your nails would be  stronger and your hair would be shinier. Drink this smoothie every single day in the morning.

  • First of all, cut half a lemon for the lemon juice.
  • Chop an organic apple into small cubes.
  • Chop one pear and make sure its washed and is organic as well.
  • Chop celery into small pieces.

Place your apple, pear and celery into a bowl.

Add 1.5 cups of water into a blender.Add one head of organic romaine lattuce.
Add 2 hands full of organic spinach.

Blend these 3 ingredients at low speed. Add the chopped celery, apple and pear in it and blend again. Then add one banana and blend again. Add some parsley and cilantro as well. Squeeze lemon juice in it and blend one last time. The glowing green smoothie is now ready.

If you’re just starting out with detoxing and this is your first time with the glowing green smoothie, you should start out with 16 ounces.



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