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Get rid of leg cramps

Get Rid of Leg Cramps
It’s a free world and we all like to run, walk, and dance and live our life like a super hero, who never gets tired!!!

When everything is going perfect and suddenly we have cramps in our legs while dancing or while going out to a birthday party, it spoils all the mood and makes us confused that whether we should even attend the occasion or else just try to sleep. Most of the people face this problem either after they come home from work or after they have worked out in the gym.

Cramps build up by nerve imbalance of the leg muscles during exercise or while moving or sitting in an improper posture also can occur due to medication, pregnancy or by heavy exercise. Cramps can form in different parts of the legs either calf or thigh etc. If you have cramps in your calf try to stretch your legs while putting your weight equally on both feet in a standing position.

If you have a cramp in your thighs, either in front area of the back of the thigh sit with a support on your back and try to twist your knee while pulling your ankle towards your hips for the cramp in back of your thigh try to extend your leg ahead with the ankle curved towards your shin.

Other than this for cramps in other parts of body you can try to massage your muscle slowly for 5 minutes, try to keep that area warm by covering it up with a warm cloth, try to use heat pad at night before sleeping it is very effecting for muscle relaxation.

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