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Get rid of ingrown hair

Get rid of ingrown hair
It is not a very major issue having an ingrown hair but still it sometimes is painful and can also cause infections as well. Ingrown hair is actually a hair that curls back and it begins to grow back in the follicle, or it stays entrenched in the skin. This hair can have an effect on the face, neck, wrists and many other parts of body. The symptoms of an ingrown hair are mostly feeling irritations on the skin, but at times they can be can be painful or unpleasant.

If you ignore it for a long time and do not treat this problem it can turn into an infection and a bigger problem. Basically people who have curly hair face this problem and sometimes when you are wearing wrist watch and bands on your hand so that area also gets affected. Therefore you should treat this problem as soon as you notice it. Firstly thing you should do is to exfoliate the affected area with a good scrub which will clean the area and remove dead skin and make it soft.

Apply an acne medication regularly on the area this will help to get rid of the swelling and also will cure the problem. Then clean that area with a warm cloth so that the area becomes very soft then you should take clean tweezers and pluck the hair smoothly. Then wash the area properly and use detol also to get rid of any germs.
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