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Get rid of dirty dandruff

Get rid of dirty dandruff
Imagine when you are in a party and your hair are flowing and your friend comes near you and see your dress is full of white spots and then you just notice that and realize these are not white spots this is dandruff, how embarrassing would that be. Well if you ask me it could be something more than humiliation, because when you are in a perfect mood wearing a perfect dress you don’t want to ruin anything. So in order to avoid this situation we should equally care for our hair like we do for our face.
Therefore there are natural remedies to get rid of the dandruff in your hair, basic it happens to people especially who have dry scalp who do not apply oil to their hair so the skin on your scalp starts coming off, it can also have other reasons like unhealthy diet and stress problems.
The first thing that you can do is to get pure almond oil and mix it in with olive oil and massage it on your hair so that your scalp is moisturized. Other than this you can also use dandruff free shampoo which is also very effective but that depends on how seriously you have dandruff in your hair.
Dandruff can cause itching all the time and can weaken your hair which can result in to hair loss problems, so follow these steps and get rid of the dandruff as soon as you can.

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