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Get Rid of Dark Eye Circles

Dark Eye Circles Treatment

The dark circle around the eyes, also known as Periorbital Melanosis or Hyperpigmentation of Periorbital, is a common cosmetic problem, seen more in females than in males.The skin around the eyes is very relaxed with loose connective tissue below, which is to flood the area with blood cells (which leave the dark pigment when they leave) a common occurrence.
Before proceed on some tips and steps to find remedies for dark circles eyes, let us first know what the causes of these dark circles are. You can try home remedies and medical treatment. Dark circles are a fearsome appearance, even in fashion get-up. Look great on your age. People guess you’re tired or something is wrong with you.


Dark circles under the eyes are usually due to lack of sleep,


Dark circles can be due to genetic factors


Nasal congestion can cause dark eye circles

Dark circles may be due to the natural aging process.

Chronic atopic eczema dark circles skin may

Dark circles under the eyes can be due to aging to thin skin around the eyes

Eye inflammation or swelling of the eyelid can cause shadows circles of light black eye.

Home remedies.

Eye Massage is good way to get quick relief. Use almond oil massage for quick relief, which is a great home remedy for black eye circle.

Grate a cucumber, squeeze out its juice and refrigerate. Make a mixture of lemon juice, lanolin cream and cucumber juice and apply around the eye for 10-15 minutes.

Dark circles can be eliminated by applying juice of peeled potatoes and grating in the area of ​​the skin and left overnight. Help it continuously for three weeks.

Take two cotton balls. Dipped in cucumber or potato juice and place them in the eyes. Mix lemon juice and tomato and apply it in the dark circles twice a day.

Make a paste of turmeric, tomato juice, lentils and lemon juice. Apply the paste around the eyes and let it dry. Then wash with fresh water.

Reduce intake of vitamin a. At doses of medications like Retin vascularization “excess” occur. Drinking good amount of water can be helpful as well. Apply and Practice all above advised things to get rid of dark eye circles.

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