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Get ready for that BIG EVENT!

Got a big event coming up? Prom, Graduation Or Wedding, whatever it is, you can prep during a week for that BIG EVENT.

  1. MONDAY: Start off with monday by repairing your skin. Tame your acne by keeping it in check. If you’re breaking out from stress, use eye drops to reduce acne redness. It contains Anti-inflammatory agents and  constrict the blood vessels, so say goodbye to redness. If you really wanna reduce acne, try the aspirin mask. Take Powdered Apirin and mix it up with water until it turns into a paste. Apply it on your acne. Wait 5 minutes and rinse it off. Your acne will fade away.
  2. TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY: Brighten your skin with lemon scrub. Take a slice of lemon, dip it in the sugar and exfoliate your skin with it. Lemon has active ingredients that will help brighten and lighten your skin. Sugar will help exfoliate any dead skin cells on your face. Just make sure to do this at night or try your best to avoid direct sunlight right after doing this. Once you’re done, just rinse off everything and your face should feel refreshed and smooth. If you have oily skin, use peeling mask or egg whites. Applying peeling mask on your skin will help remove any impurities or excess oil on your skin.
  3. WEDNESDAY: Lighten up your stache. We all have it, its perfectly normal. If you want an easy way to reduce the appearance of it, just bleach it by using facial hair bleach.
  4. THURSDAY: Another thing is to groom your brows. Dont pluck or wax the night before the event, the reason why is because your skin might get red from irritation. Give your skin some time to heel.
  5. FRIDAY: Goodbye hairy legs! Its a good day to remove any unwanted hair on legs. If you do it any time sooner, your leg hair might grow back a little too soon. Dont forget to use aloe gel after waxing, this will help sooth your skin.
  6. SATURDAY:  The BIG EVENT! Goodluck 🙂

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