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Get lice free hair

Get lice free hair
Scratching your hair while sitting in a gathering or with your friends, it gives a warning sign to friends sitting beside you to stay away from you as they might also get lice in their hair. Head lice can easily be transferred from one person to another person easily, usually getting rid of this problem takes a lot of time but there are natural and easy ways to get rid of lice quickly.

As soon as you discover the lice problem and the sooner you start to treat it, more easier it is to get rid of the lice, but if you take it lightly and ignore in early stages and decide to treat it after weeks you will have lice eggs in your hair which takes longer time to be removed from hair. Lice can make you mad when the scratching gets worse you can also result in having scratches and sores on your scalp.

Nigella Sativa which is also known as black seeds is an exceptional treatment for lice and various other skin bacteria it is very easy to use put blend one cup of black seeds and mix them in half cup of apple cider vinegar and apply it in the roots of your hair and put it for 1 hour but wrapping a towel of loose cloth on your head to cover it.

After 1 hour you can wash your hair and shampoo them, try to change your cloths that you were wearing and also change the towel and bed sheets on your bed while you were having lice in your head. Follow these steps and be lice free.

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