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Get lashes that you have always dreamed of

Get lashes that you have always dreamed of
When we talk about the eyelashes we always wanted to have long eyelashes like we always have seen in cartoons that Minnie mouse has such beautiful long curled eyelashes. Eyelashes is like an extra golden feature that we have on our face in order to beatify our eyes more and highlight them and make them look appealing. If you have dreamed of having long eyelashes which can actually make your eyes looks bigger and long then you have to try these natural tips.

Remember to always clean your eyes and wash the makeup off thoroughly so that when you sleep your left over makeup does not disturb your eyes and also harm your eyelashes. Avoid putting too much makeup on your eyes it actually makes you look older and also make the area of your eyes look blacker.

Castor oil is excellent for the enlargement and breadth of your eyelashes, the finest way to apply it is very simple all you need to do is to take an empty mascara bottle and then apply it every day before you go to sleep with the mascara brush this will aid you to consistently apply the oil on your lashes.

Avoid using all tools of makeup that pull your eyelashes like the curlers these can make your eyelashes weak and then they soon start to come off. Eyelashes are very delicate therefore you should always try to apply makeup on eyes with soft hands and also do not rub your eyes.


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