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Foods that make you look older

Foods that make you look older
Everyone loves their youth and always wishes to stay young and lively, well but for some people there is an issue that they start looking older even before they hit old age that could be due to many reasons like obesity and other major diseases. But those who are free of this entire problem, why do they have this issue? Well the answer to your question is that it is very important to have a healthy diet if we don’t have healthy diet it is going to ruin our internal system and also our skin and make you look older.

Foods that mostly contribute in making you look older include alcohol, sugar and saturated fats. These are very common types of food that mostly everyone consumes. Alcohol can make your skin try which then has more chances of getting wrinkles and lines that make you look older.

Saturated fats lead to high level of inflammation and lead to skin aging, therefore you should avoid foods that have very high level of saturated fats, example dried coconut, butter, vegetable, dark chocolate etc. Saturated fats can also cause heart diseases and even the chances of having cancer.

Excess intake of sugar is also very bad for your health as it leads to problems like diabetes etc. But also stops the normal repair of elastin in your system. Therefore avoid these three kinds of foods in order to keep your skin tight and beautiful, because these types of food are very bad for the skin.

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