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Foods hard to digest

Foods hard to digest
Food digestion is the natural procedure by which our body breaks the food into tiny molecules so they can be engrossed and can be used for power and sustenance. It is a simple process that helps us to digest food easily on time and feel fresh. At times there are some foods that are very hard to digest, so when you eat that your body takes time and then you have constipation or stomach problems.
It is always better to keep in mind that what kind of food is hard to digest so that either you can avoid it or either you can reduce the quantity you eat of that food. Milk has a content known as lactose which is hard to digest and can cause gas problems so whenever you have any stomach problem you should avoid consuming milk.
Starch and high protein foods like tomato and breads should be avoided especially in dinner time. Carbonated drinks also contain high acidic content, on the other hand tomato and lemon juice contains citric acid which makes it hard to digest food and can cause problems like heart burn and stomach aches.
Remember whenever you have stomach problems you should not go to bed right after having meal, eat at least 2 hours before sleeping so that the food is digested properly. Try to avoid foods that have high fat content because fattening foods and oily food are hard to digest like, cheese, pizza, bread etc.
Drinking alcohol can also cause indigestion as it has no proteins or vitamins in it so you should avoid alcohol in order to make a healthy diet plan.

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