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Fed up of shaky voice

Fed up of shaky voice
We are not all born singers with excellent singing skills, but we still love our voice because it’s unique and it helps us to express many things that we could not do otherwise. Voice is an exceptional gift from God; your voice makes you believe that you are not less than anyone.

Some people who have shaky voice and they feel that it is not natural, it only happens when they are about deliver a lecture, while giving a presentation, while talking to someone new, or while singing then trust me you can avoid this very easily. Firstly try to express yourself with confidence, be positive about yourself and say what you have in your mind, Put force into your pronunciation while having verbal communication.

A general symbol of tenseness is when your expressions become paler or your voice starts to be unclear, in that case you should be prepared for your speech and practice it thrice in front of mirror before presenting it. Try to drink water and eat a sweet before presenting to avoid your throat from dryness.

Try to speak clearly each word and use body language to express different things it really boosts your confidence and helps you to put more energy into your speaking ability. If you follow these simple steps you will actually be able to become a very good speaker and would easily attract the attention of audience. Any word said with confidence can actually have a great impact on the listeners they could actually agree with what you are saying and there are more chances of being successful.

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