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Excess consumption of Beer is not dear for our health

Beer Is Not Dear For Health
Everyone wants to cool down after having a busy hectic day especially in hot summers, people prefer to drink beer and lots of it in order to calm down and relax. It is the third popular drink in the world; it shows how inn it is to drink beer for many people.
Beer is an alcoholic drink made from natural ingredients like water, starch, yeast, and ginger or other additives for flavor; it is one of the largest growing businesses in the world as the demand for beer is getting higher day by day. It is not bad to drink beer once or twice a day as it has rich nutrients in it which are good to prevent many health problems including liver stones and strokes etc, but like excess of anything is bad similarly over consumption of beer is also harmful for your health.
Over consumption of beer will cause problems that it can actually prevent while consuming it in a limit; it can damage liver, result in cirrhosis, cancers, damage brain cells, and can increase the size of your belly rapidly. Some people think that beer is a very safe thing and they can get drunk on beer instead of using alcohol, remember over consumption of beer can cause you serious problems which are very dangerous for your health.
Other problems like dehydration and blood pressure are also causes of beer, in order to save yourself from all these diseases, if you drink beer keep the limit of drinking it in your mind always. Try to prove beer as a useful drink by avoiding its consumption in excess.

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