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Everyday health tips

Everyday Health Tips
In our busy schedules there are many things that you have to keep in mind, including the work deadlines and social formalities. In all of this the diet that we eat we almost forget about it, well this is reality and that happens most of the time. In order to be healthy there are some very important things that you can do in order to ensure that yes you have not completely ignored your health.

Therefore these tips are very simple and easy to follow, firstly if you have an office job where you have to be keep sitting on the chair and do all your work on the computer then always keep in mind that while your lunch time of tea break you need to get up and walk for few minutes and avoid sitting at the same place for longer hours which will keep your muscles exercised.

Avoid eating fried and fatty foods at your lunch time especially when you have to sit again and continue doing your work, you can bring fruit salads or vegetable soup etc for lunch with you to your work and this way you can have a healthy food.

Try to brush your teeth or wash your mouth once after having your meal this will keep your teeth clean and save you from bad breath as well. Drink water at least 9 glasses, keep a bottle of water with you and set your target everyday to finish drinking it.

Avoid smoking as it is very harmful for health and keep yourself stress free and think positive!!!

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