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Dirty Nails can make you fail

Dirty Nails is something that is mostly ignored by people and at the same time it can be source to many diseases. It is very important to keep an eye on children for symptoms of regular nail problems to make sure their hands and feet grow in an in good physical shape. Common type of nail problems includes, nail fungus, Paronychia, and hang nails.

Paronychia is a nail infection that is common in children, it mostly occurs to people who do nail biting or have wet hands either way it effects the skin on the sides of nails and the proximal nail fold is damaged. It is often considered as a small problem but it can become serious issue for the hand and make you fail as you cannot do any work with your hand if it is not treated properly on time. An early symptom of this infection is having sour nails or irritation around the area of nails.

As soon as you discover this problem you should immediately consult doctor so that he can solve the problem by doing your nail treatment with suitable antibiotics so that the problem is solved at early stages, because later it can make you go through a nail surgery as well if it becomes very serious and is prolonged for a longer time.

Hang nails is basically a dry part of skin that hangs around the nail, it is harmless itself but when children bite their nails and chew that area it is infectious and can make them ill. This problem can easily be solved sitting at home by daily checking your child’s nail and by trimming the dry skin which cannot be chewed by the child.

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