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Cure For Weak Eyesight

Cure for weak eyesight
Our body is a greatest gift from God, eyesight in one the most important part of our body it helps us to visually see things and most importantly judge people and make our perception according to what we see. It’s not entirely to blame you for having weak eyesight but as the world as modernized it has become our need to do our work either on computers or any other machinery which has direct effect on our eyesight due to the strong rays.

Major cause of weak eyesight are not just using computer and watching television for long time but it is also caused due to having unbalanced diet and weakness of brain as well. Symptoms of weak eyesight can be easily identified, if you feel your eyes are burning, heaviness in head while reading something or having watery eyes are clear indications of having a weak eyesight.

However weak eyesight can be cured at home by following simple steps that includes, drinking carrot juice twice a day, eating spinach, and also by using herbal eye drops daily before sleeping after washing your eyes thrice with cold water.

Implementing these simple steps daily at home can keep you away from wearing specs or contacts, and can protect your natural beauty of eyes. If these steps are followed in early stages when you discover that your eyesight is weak, you might not have to visit the doctor even once and you could easily save your money as well. That’s all about cure for weak eyesight you can also read about belly fat which is the main reason why you look fat.

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