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Cure for water retention in body

Cure for water retention in body

Water retention problem is mostly faced by women, this problem is also known as edema. Basically it happens when water leaks in to the tissues of body from the blood, normally there is lymphatic system in our body which helps to remove the waste from our body but water retention problems occurs when the system fails to remove the water from the body and it stays in the body and causes different parts of your body to swell.

The main problem that is linked with water retention in body is weight gain as the water stored in body causes swelling. Water retention in body increases during the menopause in women as the hormones are fluctuating. Also one of the major problems due to water retention is stress and high blood pressure that is why it is very important to keep a check on the level of fluids in the body to avoid such problems.

Therefore to be sure that you have body retention in body consult your doctor so that your blood and urine tests are taken to see the level of water retained in your body and then accordingly that can be treated. Most people use water pill in order to get rid of the swelling, herbal treatments are also very effective for this problem like horse chest nut should be used to get rid of this problem.

Dandelion helps to balance the blood pressure in body, try these methods and stay away from these problems.


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