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Cure for herpes the silent virus

Cure for Herpes Virus
Herpes is a silent virus which is not completely possible to leave your body but yes it can be reduced and avoided through some effective natural tips. Symptoms of herpes are cold sores, redness and rashes it can be very painful if this disease is not treated at early stage.
Herpes can occur in any area or part of the body in order to stay away from the expensive and heavy medication try to follow these tips. Firstly always try to keep yourself clean that I am sure you all do but it means putting on new set of underwear everyday and also avoiding contact with people while they are sweaty or have came after work out.
Try to eat good food like fruits, avoid wearing tight cloths that can result in rashes and also try to avoid sugar as it can boost this problem, you can always consume natural sweet items like honey. Stay calm and try not to be stressed out as it can also boost the virus to reappear again.
Try to dip cotton into the baking soda and pat it on the infected area it will help it to dry and prevent you from itching and slowly the problem will fade away. Try to consume L-lysine which is an very effective form of amino acid it can help to prevent from the cold sores and rashes caused by herpes.
There are different categories of herpes, always try to consult your doctor about what your real problem is and then you can treat it naturally if the doctor agrees. It never too late don’t be embarrassed or scared start your treatment today.

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