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Cure for flu will make it fly in seconds

Natural Cure for Flu
Flu can happen at any time and at any place, this kind of virus is very easy to catch it’s a transferable virus. It seems like a small problem but actually it can cause a lot of misery for you, as you have to go through sore throat, body aches, watery eyes, high body temperature, and much more.

I believe that this kind of problem should always be treated naturally as the virus and congestion inside you should be cured completely, whereas when you take medicines on the other hand it surely helps to cure the flu faster but the virus is not completely gone. There are more chances that you will have flu again sooner.

Therefore in order to cure the flu, firstly try to blow your nose as much as you can several times in a day so that the blockage inside your chest can be cleared soon, try to take steam from hot water by placing you head over the hot pan and covering you head for with a towel for few minutes so that you can breathe in and out several times so that it clears the blockage in your nose and throat.

Take ginger tea or hot soup which helps with dehydration and relieve sore membranes. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables which contain vitamin C which is an excellent excellent way to fight cold. Cinnamon oil is also very good it has anti bacterial properties, massage your neck with it before sleeping and cover your neck with a warm cloth to keep it warm.

These are all natural ways which helps you get rid of flu in seconds.

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