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Cure for blotchy skin

Cure for blotchy skin
We all love our skin and we want it to be perfect and flawless, but it is very frustrating when you have red blotchy skin which makes your skin look uneven. People with fair complexion have this problem very commonly as on their skin red blotches are visible and look very prominent.

People with sensitive skin can easily have redness on their face due to various causes that include medical reaction, cosmetics, acne, perfumes, jewelry; clothes etc are the most common. While other problems like hives which is a skin problem that can also cause blotches on your skin, the symptoms of hives is itching, swelling on the skin and redness. Hives can be caused anywhere on the skin mostly on nose and ears.

In order to get rid of such problems always remember to drink lots of water and fresh juices and also keep you clean. Try to wash your face regularly with a suitable cleanser for the sensitive skin try not to rub your face with towel for drying, use a good sunscreen to avoid direct contact with the sunlight and also try to wear clothing material that does not irritates your skin for example wool.

Try to avoid spicy foods that are full of different kinds of spices, eat simple food which is good for your skin and health. Reduce alcohol consumption and smoking which can also cause red blotchy skin.

These simple tips can help you get rid of this problem and look beautiful once again.

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