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Consequences of unhealthy diet

Consequences of unhealthy diet

When you reach a point where you get obsessed with losing weight immediately and you want to look perfect just in few days, at that time people ignore the consequences that can occur if they start consuming unhealthy diet which can damage your internal system and when you plan to take a break from dieting you suddenly gain weight more than you had before.

It is very essential to have healthy diet plan in order to keep yourself healthy and to avoid any diseases. Unhealthy dieting that don’t include sufficient protein level for your body can result in unwanted muscle thrashing. Proteins are very important for your body in order to have healthy muscles to keep you body functioning smoothly they also help to produce tissues but when you suddenly stop the intake of proteins your body will start consuming its own muscle making your muscles weak.

On the other hand people who completely stop the intake of solids and just rely on liquids It is very harmful for them as well which immediately shows the symptoms of nausea, tiredness, weakness, headaches, backache etc, most importantly your digestive system is damaged so when you try to eat after taking such a long break from solids your body would not be able to digest food.

Starving your body from food also leads to mood swings like being angry all the time or being irritated on petty matters which could affect your social life. Therefore don’t stop the intake of solids, it is harmful for your body and has long lasting effects.

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