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Children Mental Disorders

Starting with Stacia Tauscher line” we worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is some today”.  Protecting child from any harmful consequences is parent’s vital priority. Yet parents around the globe remain worried about the mental health of their child.

Most of them have less knowledge about the children behavior problems and children mental disorders. They hardly can distinguish between, is it just a phase in their child’s life or a serious problem. If you want to know about children mental health, stick to the article. Let’s talk about diagnosable mental illnesses. The information helps you to distinguish between is it a phase or a serious illness.

Panic Attacks:

Children with panic attacks feel nervousness in almost every new situation. Biggest symptom is rapid heartbeat. They feel it utmost difficult to modify their behavior in any new situation.


Mostly children go through from miner anxiety when growing up. But anxiety disorder can result serious consequences, like fear and dread from things and situations. It is not just matter of temporary fears like; your children has watched a scary movie and now feeling uneasy to sleep alone. Children undergoing from Anxiety disorder feel scared in social gatherings, therefore they often start avoiding social engagements and also perform poorly at school.

Attention Deficit Disorder or Hyperactivity:

Children with hyperactivity shift attention from one work to another. Often skip a work uncompleted, and shift to another work. Hence the cycle of uncompleted works continues. This is due to the attention deficit disorder. These children find it difficult to finish any activity with concentration, at school and even at home.

Conduct Disorder:

Symptoms of this type of disorder are, stealing things with physical force or without it, speaking lies to avoid physical abuse. These children are violent in behavior like physically cruel behavior with animals/ humans or similar other activities.

Disruptive Behavior Disorder:

These children defy rules within the environment they live. They are often bad in following rules at school.

Pervasive Developmental Disorder:

This disorder can affect the intellectual growth of children; these children find it problematic to understand the world around them. They are usually confused in their thoughts. This disorder affects the senses to respond to the sights, sounds and smells etc.


It is a serious of disorders. These children find it difficult to distinguish between dream and reality. They foster fears that cause serious anxiety; they face problems when it comes to socializing, making friends and keeping them.

There are some other miner disorders as well like eating disorder etc. Treating with them or educating your children, in order to protect them from above mentioned children mental disorders needs one more article. I shall certainly discuss it in my forthcoming article in Mental Health Section.


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