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Causes of traumatic brain injury

Causes of traumatic brain injury
Your brain is the most sensitive part of your body; it plays the most important role in our body all the senses are connected to our brain. Traumatic brain damage can source possible harm to the blood vessels and to nerves and it can result in harsh bruising. So it is common and we that when our brain undergoes a traumatic injury, its performance can be weakened. You might face many side effects like losing sense of balance, complexity with visualization and much more.

There are several reasons why we can face brain injury; the damage depends on how we get injured it includes reasons like car accident, if something hits hard on your head, physical fighting, or while playing sports etc. There are several other reasons that can cause brain injury but all you have to do is to be very careful while playing and driving so that your brain stays safe.

The symptoms of a traumatic brain injury includes, severe headaches, dizziness, unclear vision, unclear sight of hearing, mood swings, unable to focus on something, loss of memory, nausea, gaucheness, unable to speak clearly and pronounce words properly, feeling of fainting etc. Therefore these are the symptoms of having a brain injury you have to be very careful if you go through any accident you should immediately consult doctor and get yourself checked if you really have a brain injury or not, because if it gets late it can be very dangerous for you and have long term effects.

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