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Causes of Malaria


Among other very dangerous diseases, one of the most dangerous diseases is malaria it is caused by parasite that is passed on through the bites of mosquitoes. These parasites damage your system internally and also infect the red blood cells. Mostly this horrible disease is passed through the female mosquitoes. Malaria scrounger is created in red blood cells of a contaminated person; it can also be passed on through blood transfusion, organ transfer, or the public use of syringes unhygienic with blood of other people.

Therefore it is very important to resolve this problem in early stages as the more serious it gets the more difficult it is to cure this disease. So you should be clear about the symptoms of malaria so that you can consult the doctor as soon as you feel that you are having malaria.

The Symptoms include fever and flu feeling, trembling chills, headache, body aches, and drowsiness. Vomiting and diarrhea is also one of the symptoms. It may also source problems like anemia and jaundice as you might lose a lot of red blood cells which leads to different major diseases like them.

Therefore whenever you go out sit in a garden, play in a field always keep in mind to apply mosquito repellent cream which will reduce the chances of you being infected. Be very careful of the symptoms of malaria don’t take them light and consult your doctor as soon as you feel you have this problem so that it can be taken care of at early stages.

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