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Causes of Hepatitis

Causes of Hepatitis
There are many serious and major diseases among which is hepatitis, it is basically the inflammation to the liver cells. Liver is a very important organ of your body and it is one of the largest internal organs. Liver contains the metabolic cells which helps it to function and carry the oxygen rich blood. Liver also helps our body with detoxification, Stores vitamins A, D, stores minerals, help with Protein synthesis, help with production of hormones, produces urea the substance that further forms into urine etc.
Therefore some types of hepatitis can heal on its own but if you have a long lasting one that can damage your liver and can cause severe affects on your body. There are 3 major types of hepatitis like hepatitis A, B, and C. Hepatitis can be caused by excess toxins also in body mostly that are consumed through alcohol. Therefore millions of people are affected by hepatitis every year some have the severe case and some cure it as the times pass by.

Hepatitis A is mostly caused by consuming unhygienic food or water; hepatitis B can be caused by infected blood, unprotected sex, dirty needs, etc, and hepatitis C can be caused by direct contact with a person who is infected. Initial symptoms of hepatitis include Diarrhea, tiredness Loss of appetite, fever, joint ache, queasiness, vomiting, weight loss etc.

Therefore one should be very careful of getting yourself checked if you feel any of the above symptoms as the sooner you discover the problem the sooner you will be able to cure it.

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