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Causes of hair loss

Causes of hair loss
Your hair is one of the most beautiful gifts from God it enhances your beauty and also helps you do bring a change in yourself and look different. So like most of the people you also might be very particular about your hair care and you would love and wish to have long and strong hair. But still then at some point of your life you feel that your hair have started to come off and you are losing your hair day by day. Hair loss can be caused due to several reasons therefore you should consult your doctor immediately if you feel that your hair is falling.

One of the common hair loss problem found in women is Alopecia which is very severe problem and it cannot be cured by yourself you have to get proper medication for this problem because it can make you bald if you don’t catch it early and get it treated.  Therefore this can be one of the major reasons that are found in females mostly.

Secondly fungal infection is also one of the most common reasons for hair fall it can also have an effect on the scalp which causes the hair to fall, but this disease is not very severe you can get it checked by the doctor and with regular medication you can get rid of the problem and get your beautiful hair back.

Other general reasons for hair loss are mostly when you don’t brush your hair after taking bath and there are tangles in your hair which make your hair week and then the fall off, also pulling your hair while fighting or while having stress can also make your hair fall.

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