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Causes of dark spots on skin

Causes of dark spots on skin
We all love our skin and always wish to be beautiful and glowing but at some point of life we face acne problems and other skin problems which causes dark spots on our skin and no matter how hard you try to get rid of them it does not works. Having a beautiful skin is a blessing and we should take care of it firstly by having a balanced diet which is very necessary in order to have a good skin as your skin needs vitamins and minerals in order to stay healthy and soft.
There are various reasons for dark spots to occur on your skin sometimes there are black spots on your skin and sometimes you have pinkish spots on your skin, well everyone has a different skin and so everyone could have different kinds of spots. Melanin is a skin pigment which if becomes excess it can also cause dark spots on your skin. Other than this skin problems like acne can also cause dark spots on your skin which can be cured with time.
There are some medications which can also lead to form dark spots on your skin like Phenytoin, Phenothiazines, Sulfonamides, therefore consult your doctor before taking any medications so that it could not damage your skin.
Other diseases like liver problems and pregnancy can also lead to dark spots on your skin but mostly they get cured with time, but other things that cause dark spots in clued the UV rays that damages your skin.

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