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Causes of catching cold

Causes of catching cold

Having cold may sound like a small problem but when we have this problem it is very hard to bear, as it comes along high temperature, body aches, and watery eyes etc. We should be aware of the things that can cause cold because a lot of people say that they don’t know how they have caught cold suddenly.

There are several reasons that include, going out right after taking shower while your hair are wet this is a very common reason which could immediately affect your head and you will catch cold. Therefore these things do matter but basically you catch cold due to the viruses like rhinovirus. If one of your friend has flu and cough and they are sitting right next to you and while they are sneezing they just forget to keep hand on their mouth, at that time the virus would flow out in the air and might be passed on to you and your friends easily.

In winter you are most likely to catch cold due to the cold air as it can dry out you nasal passages from inside and makes it easy for virus to get in. This virus travel very easily, they can travel through your hands, legs or if someone kisses you. Therefore it’s very hard to actually find out the reason for catching cold.

Therefore you should try to stay away from people having cold, avoid crowded areas where you have more chances of catching the virus and wash your hands properly after cleaning your nose or playing.


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