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Smoking During Pregnancy

Smoking during pregnancy has been positively linked with many medical problems.  It is a public health problem because of the many adverse effects associated with it.  It can harm the health of both a woman and her unborn baby. Smoking is a major public health problem. Dangers from smoking include poor general health, lung problems, cancers, heart disease, and many other problems.  Smoking cigarettes leads ...

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After Weight Loss Surgery

Obesity is a huge trouble and vastly treated medical disease over the globe. Only in America Obesity affects more than 60 million people. And majority of these people opt for weight loss surgeries. No matter from what type of operation they go through, whether it is Tummy Tuck or Gastric bypass etc, one question often arises in their minds and that is, after weight loss surgery? If you are also planning for ...

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Am i pregnant

One of the most searched questions over the internet is am I pregnant? If you are expecting pregnancy or trying to get pregnant the situation can be confusing. You keep on searching the answer of these questions, am I pregnant and symptoms of pregnancy. You keep on asking your friends until you make sure of your pregnancy. Well there are various symptoms of pregnancy, and may be you are the one who do not k ...

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Health Tips

Medical diagnoses that can alter balance include: inner ear conditions, diabetes, visual changes, circulatory disorders, neuropathy, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, infection and others.  M  -  Medical conditions /complications such as diabetes, epilepsy and high blood pressure should be treated and kept under control. You might not believe it but a medical breakthrough was discovered claiming that ...

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