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Beating Sugar Addiction


Did you know consuming too much sugar seriously hurts both your physical and mental health? Its impossible to stay away from sugar completely. Sugar is in every fruit, vegetable and grains. Instead of avoiding sugar entirely, this article will teach you how to make smarter choices to help you cut back. Americans eat upto 1.5 lb sugar per day, thats 225gm almost 5 times as much as you should be eating. That adds upto 180 pounds a year which is almost as heavy as US mail box.

The American journal of clinical nutrition has linked added sugar intake to obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. People who weight over 100g of sugar a day have 12% higher body mass index than those who weight the healthy and recommended 50g or less. WHY? because sugar is incredibly calorie dense.
                                                                                                 1g of sugar=3.9 calories
Let’s say you drink a small coke for lunch everyday. That adds upto 14600g of sugar per year just from your drink at lunch. By the way, 14600g is 80% of what you need in a year. Sugar consumtion also leads to heart attacks. People who weight over a 100g of added sugar each day for a period of 5 years are more than twice as likely to suffer heart attacks.

In this article, you’ll be rescued from your slippery sugary slope and get you back down to the 50g as recommended.
On day 1, go through your kitchen cabinets and your refrigerator. Take out 5 foods you eat on a regular bases. Now look at the sugar content, it will be on the nutrition lable. That morning orange juice has 21g of sugar and seriously almost half of the sugar you need is in that first cup of orange juice.
Day 2! If you wanna get down to 50g of sugar, you gonna have to make some substitutions in your snack life. Cut the soda, just switch to mineral water or tea. Try to snack healthy, eat those vegetables and nuts. Remember, you dont have to cut out sugar completely. Just take a look at how much you’re eating.
Try to cut yourself down to 50g, with each little substition your health will be getting better.

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