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Avoid uric acid problems

Avoid Uric Acid
Uric acid is naturally present in your body in small quantity it is basically the waste that is produced when cells die in the body which release purines, the quantity of uric acid can increase also due to the foods that contain high uric acids. Normally the level of uric acids are dissolved in tissues and discharged in the urine but when the level of uric acid increases it is stuck in the joints which can result in painful attack known as gout.

Mostly whenever people go through this horrible pain they instantly consult the doctor where the blood tests are taken and the level of uric acids can be checked easily. It mostly happens to people in their 30’s and men are common victim of this problem. Once you discover this problem you have to be very careful about your diet.

Avoid foods that have high level of purines which forms into uric acid in the body, firstly avoid to eat oily and cheesy foods which can be very fattening and can transform in to uric acid into the body. Also reduce the consumption of vegetables like spinach and peas which can also cause uric acids into the kidney.

Try not to eat any kind of meat, especially the red meat like pork it can cause uric acid, try to eat fruits and other fresh vegetables which are free of uric acid, contain rich nutrients and are good for the health.

Consult doctor as soon as you feel that you have uric acid problem because if you will prolong this problem and ignore it, this can cause long term major problems like damaging your kidney.

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