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Avoid swelling due to heat

Avoid swelling due to heat
Well most people love summers and sunny days but for some people hot day becomes a problem and they just don’t feel like going out of the house and those who have to due to work and other important things they just say that they end up being in a very bad mood well the reason is because they say that their body starts welling due to hot weather and the heat which they have to bear all day long. It is definitely very unfortunate but there are reasons why this happens.

Mostly when you feet swell and it is painful to walk our even move it really feels very bad, because your skin starts to feel like its stretching and your shoes become tight and you just feel like taking them and putting your feet in cold water. Well what happens is when your body cannot bear heat, due to heat your blood vessels expand which causes swelling.

Therefore if the salt level in your body is high then it makes the situation worse. So what you can do is to wear loose shoes and always remember to wash your feet and keep them clean and dry. Don’t drink too much water as it will cause more swelling. Remember to put new pain of socks daily and to keep your feet open so that they can breathe. Therefore follow these step so that you can move freely in summers and enjoy the summer without being worried about anything.

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