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Avoid dark underarms

Avoid dark underarms

It seems a small problem to have dark underarms but actually It leads to many issues when it comes to wearing sleeveless everyday tops or a gown for your prom. Dark underarms look very bad they can actually destroy your whole outlook and make you look dirty. Especially for girls you would love to have soft and clear underarms which look good while you wear dresses and tops.
There are several reasons that can cause you dark underarms, like skin disorders such as nigricans which causes dark color in your underarms, this basically happens due to high level of insulin in your body which is mostly symptoms of diabetes. Other reasons include hyper pigmentation this causes again discoloration in your underarm, there are many other reasons for discoloration of skin like using deodorants, excessive sweating problems and using roll on and creams which do not suit your skin or have very high level of chemicals which leads to dark underarms.
However but if you are looking for natural remedies in order to cure this problem then you have to follow these simple tips, firstly avoid shaving your underarms with razors waxing is a good option which keeps your skin soft and leads to less hair growth in underarms, cut a slices of lemon and rub it on the dark area of underarms it helps to lighten the dark skin.
Aloe Vera gel is very effective to avoid dark skin and also you can apply baking soda on the area which is also very effective to get rid of the darkened skin.


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