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Avoid bad dreams and sleep well

Avoid bad dreams and sleep well
Many people complain that they could not sleep well due to bad dreams at night which disturb them mentally and then they are unable to sleep which makes them feel tired and dehydrated for the rest of the day. Sleeping is very important for your health and if you don’t get proper sleep either you don’t do well in your work and assignments or you mostly are in a bad mood and feel irritated most of the times.

There are several reasons for having nightmares including, stress, depression, medications, smoking, alcohol, spicy and oily foods or sickness etc. There can be any reason that leads you to have a disturbing sleep at night. Therefore if you are facing this problem so the first step is to avoid drinking alcohol and smoking especially 3 to 4 hours before sleeping at night.

Find a comfortable room for yourself to sleep with a soft bed and pillow which could not disturb you while you try to sleep, try to eat fruits as dessert after your dinner avoid eating spicy foods in dinner. Try to go for an exercise, play some sport or work out everyday at least for an hour which cause your body to do exertion and then at night you feel sleepy as your body needs rest.

Avoid hearing a very loud music before you go to sleep as it can disturb your mind and cause problems at night. You can always listen to a nice slow music which helps you relax.

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