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Astonishing Hair myths

Astonishing Hair myths
Your hair is one or of the biggest blessing that you have as it can totally transform your ordinary look into someone special, so we always wish have long, strong and shiny hair which will look flawless when we let them lose and everyone would be stunned by the appealing look your hair has given to your personality. So we always take good care of our hair by eating healthy food that is rich in vitamins and minerals that are necessary for our hair and also by applying the right type of shampoo and other hair products which can make our hair stronger.

There are some things that we hardly notice which play very important role so today we will talk about those things that you might have never noticed which might be stopping you to care for your hair properly. Getting your hair trim does not make your hair grow faster, your hair grow half inch every month but trimming them might reduce the breakage and will get rid of split ends.

Brushing your hair more and more to get strong hair that is what we have already heard but this is not true, the more you brush there are more chances of cuticle getting damaged and will break. It is very true that if you take a lot of stress it will eventually result in hair fall so avoid taking stress.

Plucking out your white or grey hair will not increase the growth of white and grey hairs it might damage your roots and will cause infections so do not pluck out your hair. Washing your hair with cold water will not make your hair shinier it might help you to feel relaxed but has no effect on your hair.

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